Bring The Green Indoors! (Moss Art for your Residential Home)

A moss art piece is a great addition to any home! Moss art will celebrate your home in a new way and bring your walls to life with a unique, one of a kind design. We love it when our clients let us have free creative reign to design something amazing and would be happy to help you create something mossome!

We love our residential moss art pieces because they bring softness and greenness to any modern design. We know that the white walls are in, along with mirrors and grey tones. While we do love that modern aesthetic, it is important to personalize your home and bring the green indoors with biophilic design to brighten up the space and keep you connected with nature. 


Custom Personal Piece: We recently created a personalized mixed moss art piece as a wedding gift for a couple in Plantation, Florida. This piece includes an ode to the date they moved into their new home, a detailed “M” initial, and a blue reindeer moss heart. We love creating these personalized pieces and taking part in celebrating wonderful milestones! 
Ombre Mandala:  A moss art piece is a wonderful way to transform a white wall and turn it into something MOSSOME! We love transforming white spaces by adding pops of green and colorful creations. Just have something in mind, and we will take care of the rest! 
Mood Moss Mermaid: This moss mermaid is a one of a kind piece that would look perfect in your child’s bedroom! At Green Wallscapes, we can make almost anything you want to add some fun and flare to your home!