Five Reasons Why You Should Decorate Your Home or Office With Green Wall Art

Moss Wall Art in a Hallway

Did you know that green wall art is all the rage these days? Have you noticed more and more people coming out with creative thoughts on how to decorate their home or office with more plants? The challenge is most people have a brown thumb and are scared to take care of plants, travel too much, or just don’t need another thing to maintain. Here in South Florida (especially Palm Beach), we have a lot of seasonal residents who don’t want to worry about their plants while they are away - so this is a great way to bring green indoors without the hassle. Preserved moss art is the perfect solution for this scenario. 

There's a reason why green wall art is becoming increasingly popular. This type of art is beautiful, low-maintenance, and can be found in many different styles. There are many things we can do with faux and preserved plants that we cannot do with living plants. 

Here are five reasons why you should consider using green wall art:

1) Green wall art looks great with any color scheme. You may be remodeling your home and want to give it a fresh new look. If you decide that you need new artwork, you might as well go with something that will match any decor. 

Moss art with moss, succulents and ferns

2) Moss wall art adds life to a room. Even if you have the most beautiful furniture in the world, it won't impress anyone if the walls are dull and boring. If you want people to take notice of your beautiful furniture, then you need to add some life to your walls. Nothing does this better than green wall art that features moss, succulents, and ferns to really bring the space to life! 

blue and green swirly moss art

3)Green wall art is great for anyone who loves nature. If you're trying to bring nature into your home without having to maintain living plants, then this type of artwork is perfect for your home or office. 

4) Moss walls, as well as our faux and preserved plant walls, can warm up any cold, industrialized space. Moss walls are an antidote for the very stark minimalist design trends of today. 

5) Plants and nature make people happy - who doesn’t want more of that? 

We have first hand experience of watching many spaces transformed by our moss art. We’ve watched as people cover their mouths and say - wow, that is SO beautiful.  We’ve done moss logos for major corporations, dental offices, and medspas, and gotten responses like - I just feel better looking at your pieces.  Bringing a little bit of no hassle natural materials is a game changer in most spaces. 

Moss Wall Art to mimic water in the Kohler Spa