How to make your dental or doctors office more relaxing for your patients

As a business owner, it is extremely important to make clients and patients feel welcome, understood, and relaxed upon entering an office space. Preserved moss walls, aromatherapy, and sound therapy are three great, effective ways to make your dental or doctors office more relaxing and calming for incoming patients. 

Preserved moss walls are great for offices with demanding hours who would love to make their waiting rooms and patient rooms more inviting, without the extra labor of a living green wall. Preserved moss walls keep their color and texture, upholding a constant impact on your space without dying out or losing their greenness. A green display will soften the interior design while creating a comfortable and pleasant environment. It may even act a distraction, as a soothing scene to look at and calm one’s nerves. 

In addition to green walls, aromatherapy and sound therapy are great ways to make patients feel calm and at ease. It is extremely common to feel anxious and nervous about an upcoming appointment. Aromatherapy works by activating smell receptors in one’s nose which send messages to the brain’s limbic system and can stimulate heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing patterns. Sound therapy helps shift our brainwave states by providing a stable frequency and rhythm for the body to shift its focus. The powers of sound therapy and aromatherapy have the ability to help patients feel relaxed and serene upon entering a dental or doctors office. 

Fostering a mindful office environment can include many different aspects of biophilic design and natural scents or sounds. Here are some tips!

  1. Integrate plant life, natural life, and color to encourage mindfulness and peace. It does not have to be a large green wall; it could be a small moss art piece, a few colorful succulents, or a moss logo to remind people of their human connection to the outside world! 
  2. Natural subtle aromas such as lavender, vanilla, and the ocean can help patients practice mindfulness and meditation. 
  3. Sounds of water rushing or drum vibrations can create a soft, peaceful space for people to tune into and distract their thoughts. 

We have worked with many health offices and have created mossome logos, walls, and art pieces!


We loved working with AFP Health in California. They gave us the amazing opportunity to promote health and happiness with this special reindeer moss logo in their new doctors office! 
We were extremely lucky to create two logos for Kingseed Family Dental! We love working with other female owned businesses, and we were so excited to bring something new and fresh to their space!
We created this tooth moss logo for Dr. Demaio in Boston. We do a lot of innovative and precise work for dental offices around the country!