Meet Jon and Lindsay - The Owners of Green Wallscapes

Jon and Lindsay Burgess started Green Wallscapes to brings brands and spaces to life!  While Jon has taken a more passive role in the business, Lindsay runs the day to day operations and marketing of the business. Lindsay has a background in sales and marketing as well as making things - working with many brands and companies to grow them quickly. 

"The moss wall business found us. We started by accident. We've been incredibly lucky to see the response from the development and design community that has embraced biophilic design," said Lindsay.

Within six months, Jon and Lindsay opened a studio in Downtown West Palm Beach, FL.  "It's been a whirlwind. We started in our home, and quickly it grew into something amazing. We cannot wait to see what the next six months and beyond will bring!"

Their studio is located at 421 S Olive Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33401