Moss Logos for Salons and Fitness Centers

Salons and fitness centers capture the aesthetic of relaxation like no other! Moss walls have the same relaxing and calming powers of beauty salons and gyms, as incorporating biophilic design is known to have numerous health benefits such as reducing stress and calming one’s nerves. 


Salon Bliss, Michigan: This installation for Salon Bliss is the perfect relaxing moss wall logo for a spa. We love the earthy aesthetic of this salon!
Namaste Nail Salon, Pennsylvania: This colorful moss lotus is a beautiful addition to this nail salon. Namaste Nail Salon is the first of its kind to combine relaxation with self care and creative nail designs! This moss lotus adds even more positivity and zen to their message.  
Bay Harbor Yacht Club fitness center: This moss art piece from our Origin Series is called "Modern Flow". This piece evokes movement and flow and encourages people stay active and prioritize movement! 
Balance Yoga Studio, Orlando: We created this moss art piece to fit the calming nature of a yoga studio. We were so excited to be a part of Balance Yoga Studio's grand opening, as this is the perfect unique addition to a brand new commercial space!