What is plant branding and why is it relevant to your business?

Moss wall with BWX logo and red reindeer moss for office decor
Building a brand is essential to any business that wishes to grow and communicate value to the public eye. Plant branding creates a strong visual ...

The Perfect Preserved Moss Piece for Your South Florida Lifestyle

Red reindeer moss AMOR lettering
Preserved moss green walls can be tailored to any environment, lifestyle, and artistic choice. Green Wallscapes can channel your inner artistic tra...

Green Moss Logo for a Restaurant

Reindeer Moss Pizza Logo
This is a photograph of an amazing reindeer moss logo we did for Paisano Pizza Grill in Charleston! It is a blast to work with such awesome, innova...

Faux Boxwood Lettering - Perfect for No-Maintenance Green Outdoor Living

Faux Boxwood Lettering - Perfect for No-Maintenance Green Outdoor Living
What kind of vibes do you want to put in your outdoor space? Do you want to bring joy to your clients or your family?  Our custom, hand cut letter...

Custom Moss Lettering for Wal-Mart's Corporate Offices

Calm Moss Lettering
We were so excited when the country's largest retailer - Wal-Mart- called us to bring a little bit of mossy creativity to their meditation rooms. W...

Moss Heart with the Word You are Loved

Sheet Moss Heart with Lettering "You Are Loved"
Unique, handmade moss art gift for a baby shower.