How to make your dental or doctors office more relaxing for your patients

reindeer moss AFP Health Preserved Moss Logo
As a business owner, it is extremely important to make clients and patients feel welcome, understood, and relaxed upon entering an office space. Pr...

Green Wallscapes Featured in Palm Beach Illustrated!

Green Wallscapes Featured in Palm Beach Illustrated!
Read about Green Wallscapes Moss Boss Lindsay in Palm Beach Illustrated February 2020 Issue!   

Moss Art for Coffee Shops

Moss logo wall with orange light up coffee cup in the center
Moss walls add the perfect relaxing element to any local coffee shop. We were so lucky to create something mossome for Starbucks on Lincoln Road in...

Why choose preserved moss?

Bohemian Desert Amazonia collection preserved moss art
Why should you choose preserved moss art and walls? Preserved moss art is extremely unique and will help you stand out in any aspect you choose. W...

Moss Wall for Autonation Headquarters

Moss Wall for Autonation Headquarters
We are so proud of this beautiful reindeer moss wall for Autonation in Fort Lauderdale. This wall is over 200 square feet! We love creating one o...

The Perfect Preserved Moss Piece for Your South Florida Lifestyle

Red reindeer moss AMOR lettering
Preserved moss green walls can be tailored to any environment, lifestyle, and artistic choice. Green Wallscapes can channel your inner artistic tra...

Preserved Moss Wall vs. Living Wall

Reindeer Moss Wall Decor
What is the difference between a living wall and a moss wall? Both living walls and moss walls have unique visual appeal and provide health benef...

People We Love in the Community! Ft. Sophie Frabotta

People We Love in the Community! Ft. Sophie Frabotta
Sophie Frabotta is a Spiritual Life Coach located in West Palm Beach! Sophie​ brings the gift of sacred remembrance to our community. Whether it ...

Green Moss Logo for a Restaurant

Reindeer Moss Pizza Logo
This is a photograph of an amazing reindeer moss logo we did for Paisano Pizza Grill in Charleston! It is a blast to work with such awesome, innova...