The Perfect Preserved Moss Piece for Your South Florida Lifestyle

Preserved moss green walls can be tailored to any environment, lifestyle, and artistic choice. Green Wallscapes can channel your inner artistic traits by creating a unique moss wall, moss art, or moss logo that suits you. We have the perfect ideas for your Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach spaces. 

Miami: In Miami’s fast paced, lively culture, it is important to connect with nature to keep us grounded. On average, modern living has people spending about 90% of their time indoors, which is what we hope to change by bringing green indoors. Moss art and biophilic design can help elevate mood, increase productivity, and lower stress. Bring nature indoors with an artsy, modern, expressive piece of your choosing in your home or office space that showcases Miami’s flare. For an even more organic look, we can include preserved ferns, amaranthus, and high-end succulents to your design. We can write words in English or Spanish, colorful or not, framed or unframed.. whatever makes you happy! You can even visit Green Wallscapes work in person at Starbucks on Lincoln Road Miami Beach or in two of the apartment towers next to the Brightline! 


Palm Beach: Add color and vibrancy to your walls with reindeer moss creations and mixed moss art pieces. At Green Wallscapes, we can work together to create a moss piece that livens up your residential space. Moss art celebrates nature and adds a photographable aesthetic and design to your living space without the maintenance. We can match Palm Beach’s breezy, preppy, relaxed aesthetic with pastel colored monograms and bright colored designs! You can even check out Green Wallscapes moss art mascot Johnnie Brown at The Colony Hotel!


Fort Lauderdale: Similarly to Miami’s busy lifestyle, Fort Lauderdale captures the high energy of the South Florida business district. Add life to your Fort Lauderdale commercial and residential spaces with preserved moss walls and art. Present your message, brand, or home in a creative way by sharing a completely customized message indoors to family, coworkers, and friends with countless fonts and six moss types. Green Wallscapes will work with you to install green elements into any space you desire. Green Wallscapes just completed a moss installation for the Autonation Headquarters in downtown Fort Lauderdale: one 200 square foot wall in their fitness studio and a 90 square foot wall in their welcome center. Green Wallscapes complements Fort Lauderdale’s FAT Village art district and could look great in a boutique on Las Olas or in a waterfront home!


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