What is plant branding and why is it relevant to your business?

Building a brand is essential to any business that wishes to grow and communicate value to the public eye. Plant branding creates a strong visual identity that will help your business stand out. It makes your brand memorable, by adding flare and nature to an ordinary logo. When you associate your brand as “green”, you will showcase a positive image and foster a community that gives back to the Earth. In addition to showing care for the environment, colors and texture greatly affect how customers feel when they look at your business, or even consider buying or investing in a product. Feelings of comfort help people remain calm and engaged.

Since people spend a majority of time inside the home or office on work days, it is important to bring the outdoors indoors so that individuals have a natural element inside that keeps them grounded and calm. When clients or customers enter your office space, an appearance means more than business, as these individuals need to truly connect with your purpose and consider your entire value as a business. This value includes the overall business and success aspect, but also includes the community and message that your brand shows. Discover the benefits of bringing green indoors here.

As a business, your appearance is represented by the visual elements of your brand (your website, logo, office) along with your brand’s attitude and core values. Plant branding gives you a way to integrate tangible elements such as nature along with special aspects of trust, care for the world, and a connection to the environment. Plant branding speaks to your audience and customers beyond the business world bubble and connects you to the outside world. 

Branding with preserved moss can highlight your brand’s message in a unique way. There are many types of moss, colors, and additions such as ferns and succulents to choose from that will add life to your brand that no other brand will have. At Green Wallscapes, each logo created is designed to your own brand to channel your purpose in a new way. 

Green Wallscapes is the #1 moss company in the United States to work with businesses!  We have worked with major sports brands, airlines, restaurants, salons, yoga studios, spas, marketing agencies, dentist and doctors offices, and other major events.