Why choose preserved moss?

Why should you choose preserved moss art and walls?

Preserved moss art is extremely unique and will help you stand out in any aspect you choose. Whether you choose to use preserved moss to promote your brand, liven up your living space, transform your office, or add to your commercial store or restaurant, your preserved moss piece will be a one of a kind design. At Green Wallscapes, a team of female artists will work with you to construct a piece that is entirely tailored to your wants and needs. Once the preserved moss piece of your choice is installed, there is no maintenance required and your piece will continue to be a show stopper!

One of the greatest advantages of preserved moss is that maintenance is extremely minimal. Preserved moss does not require vast amounts of water, soil, or sunlight of any kind and should be kept away from high-intensity light. Living walls and plants require more maintenance and time, which is why preserved moss is the perfect option for someone who wants to incorporate a  green element without the extra work!

What kinds of plants does Green Wallscapes use?

Green Wallscapes has four main collections: the amazonia collection, botanica collection, chroma collection, and origin series. The amazonia collection encaptures every type of moss material we use, including mood moss, pillow moss, colored reindeer moss, sheet moss, and our other plant materials like ferns, amaranthus, and faux succulents. The botanica collection is earthy, including all moss types, ferns, and amaranthus but without the faux succulents to give it its upmost green and natural feel. The origin series includes all kinds of mixed mosses from dark and light mood moss to light and dark pillow moss. The chroma collection includes all of the colorful and reindeer moss types to add some color to your open spaces. While we work with many different types of moss, we also use ferns, amaranthus, and succulents Green Wallscapes even has an outdoor collection made with boxwood! 

Is preserved moss real?

Yes, preserved moss is real, yet not living. Preserved moss production prevents the moss from decaying or drying out, meaning that the material was living but has been preserved. The process begins with living moss which is then chemically preserved and repurposed. Preserved moss does not grow, since it is preserved to its natural state. Since it does not grow, this means that preserved moss requires little to no maintenance and will  maintain its “living” look and real feel for years. We also use high end faux succulents, which are not real, but add a floral element to any preserved moss piece.