Preserved moss and fern art in a black frame
Front view of preserved moss and fern frame with record player underneath
Moss Art in a Home
Close up of preserved moss, maidenhair ferns, adiantum, eucalyptus, and tree ferns in a moss art piece

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Bring nature indoors with a piece from our Botanica Collection. Our Botanica Collection is comprised of top of the line faux succulents, mood moss, and pillow moss, as well as preserved ferns and amaranthus. This combination offers all of the aesthetic and biophilic aspects of a green "living" wall at a fraction of the cost and without the hassle of watering and improper light.

We offer two options: 24" x 36" inches and 24" x 48" inches.
The smaller one is priced at $1300 and the larger one is priced at $1800. Free shipping for both sizes!

🍃 Our moss art adds a natural and fresh element to your home, office, or store!

🍃 Our Botanica Collection is the perfect addition to any space.

🍃 Each piece is handmade by female artists in West Palm Beach.

🍃 100% maintenance free and will last indefinitely in the right interior conditions (avoid high humidity, wet conditions, direct sun or UV light, and high heat).

We will work with you to either ship the individual pieces or come and install it onsite. The price below is just to indicate a base price. This will depend on site and scope of the project below. Travel and shipping may be extra depending on how we decide to do the project.

Please email: or call 561-877-3100 for inquiries!

Thank you!
The Green Wallscapes Team