Mood Moss Business Logo Wall Art For Your Office or Restaurant
Mood Moss Business Logo Wall Art For Your Office or Restaurant
Mood Moss Business Logo Wall Art For Your Office or Restaurant

Mood Moss Business Logo Wall Art For Your Office or Restaurant

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Please email: or call 561-877-3100 for inquiries!

Custom Mood Moss Logo or Lettering for Your Office, Restaurant, or Retail Store. 

Bring nature indoors and bring your business to life with our one-of-a-kind mood moss logos. Bring a natural and fresh element to your space. Since it's preserved moss, there is minimal maintenance and NO SUN REQUIRED!

We have worked with a lot of businesses to bring their logos to life! Perfect for your new office, retail store, restaurant signage!

🍃 Each piece is comprised of preserved mood moss meaning that it does not require any special lighting conditions or watering (actually it's better if you leave them alone!).

🍃 Each mood moss logo features a custom design and is proudly handmade in the USA by a group of awesome female artists.

🍃 Our mood moss logos are low maintenance and will last indefinitely in the right interior conditions (avoid high humidity, wet conditions, direct sun or UV light, and high heat).

Each piece is completely customizable. When you purchase a piece, you have the opportunity to customize the size, colors, and fonts. Prices are tailored to the piece.

We work with a wide variety of materials including preserved moss and ferns, wood, pvc, and can meet a wide variety of looks and feels.

Typically the prices range between $800-3,000 for a mood moss sign.

Please answer the following questions to: info [!at]
1) What is your name, email, and phone number and how do you like to be contacted?
2) what is your zip code
3) what would you like us to make?
4) how big would you like it? (height or width is fine if you don't have exact dimensions)
5) Is this for indoor or outdoor use?
7) Would you like an edge to it? (additional costs apply)
8) What is your buisness?
9) Please email your logo to info (at)

All of our work is custom. Please reach out to us at info (at) for more information and include your logo in vector format, the measurements of the space, and the best way to contact you.

We will work with you to either ship the individual pieces or come and install it onsite. The price below is just to indicate a base price. Travel and shipping may be extra depending on the project.

Materials: preserved moss, glass, pic, wood, metal

Thank you again! Have a mossome day!

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