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Q: What is the difference between a living wall and a preserved moss wall?

A: A living wall is made of living plants that need irrigation and lighting to help them thrive inside. Preserved plant and faux succulent walls do not require lighting (it's actually better if you avoid high heat or high intensity lighting in the space or direct sunlight) or watering (although it will need to be misted in certain dry climates). It's very low maintenance, and very enjoyable to have around. No green thumb needed. 

Q: Is the moss real?

A: Yes! The moss is real, but it has been preserved and dyed. 

Q: Are the ferns real?

A: Yes! The ferns are real, but they have been preserved and dyed. 

Q: Are the succulents real?

A: No. We use only very high end faux latex succulents. We have vetted our suppliers to only provide you with top of the line, incredibly real looking plants. 

Q: What's the process?


  1. You send us a description of your vision and dimensions of your space on the Book a Consult page.
  2. We communicate back and forth until we figure out what you want exactly.
  3. You order. 
  4. We fabricate. It typically takes anywhere between 4-6 weeks to deliver.
  5. We ship it to you or install it onsite. 

Q: How long will it last?

A: We guarantee our work for 1 year, but the pieces can last as long as 5-10 years depending on lighting and humidity within the space.

Q: Do I need to water it or have special lighting conditions?

A: No and no. However, the preserved moss pieces must be kept indoors. 

Q: Does it work outside?

A: No. Our moss walls and moss art are for interior applications only.

Q: How do I hang my moss art?

A: Most of our work comes with either a french cleat or wire hanging to be installed. If you are getting a larger scale moss wall piece, you will be drilling screws directly through the piece to attach to the wall.

Q: Do you install?

A: Yes! We can install your piece if you are in the southern half of Florida or if you are willing to pay for our tickets... preferably to someplace fabulous. 

Q: Do you do living walls? 

A: No, we get most of our inquiries for preserved moss options due to the lack of maintenance required. However, we can refer you to some wonderful companies that can do the installation and maintenance required for a living wall. 

Q: When can we get started?

A: Tomorrow, but it usually takes 4-10 weeks to make something custom for you. If you want a moss logo, we ask that you send it to us in a vector format (pdf, ai, or eps file).

Q: What is your return policy? What if a piece is damaged in transit?

Please see our Shipping, Return, and Damages policy here.