The Design Process

5 Step Process
1. Schedule a consultation
2. Deep dive into the details of your project
-Provide us with the specifications of your moss piece
3. We will then provide you with a quote
4. Receive invoice and pay invoice
5. Production gets started on your piece
Step 1
Schedule a consultation with the Moss Boss. Check out our gallery and collections to get a visual idea of the type of moss art you're looking to bring into your space.
Step 2
Deep dive into the details of your project. Provide us with the specifications of your moss piece; type of finishing (foam, plywood, frame, etc.), preferred edging (sheet moss edge or wrapped edge), and ideal style (Origin Series, Amazonia, Botanica, etc.).
Finalizing your style preference by selecting colors, materials, and design.
Discussing the dimensions of your moss art. This is a very important step as our pieces are hand-cut and handmade so we want to be as accurate as possible when designing your moss art. With the dimensions, we would need you to include any outlets or other obstacles that you may encounter when installing your piece where we would need to pre-cut holes in the piece. Also, any need-to-know details about how high your piece will be off the ground, if your site is under construction, etc.
Provide us with details of your timeline. Our average time frame for projects can range anywhere from 4-10 weeks depending on the size of your moss piece and the specifications.
Step 3
We will then provide you with a quote. Your quote for your moss art will include: pricing options, timeline, etc.
Step 4
Receive invoice and pay invoice. Upon receiving your initial quote you will also receive an invoice for your selected moss art. You will then pay the invoice and after payment is received, production will then get started on your piece.
Step 5
Production gets started on your piece. Our production team will begin the fabrication process and then mossing will commence. Timelines vary depending on size and style of your piece. Once completed, your piece will be shipped to you or installed by our installation team if you are local to the South Florida area.