The Team

Lindsay Scherr Burgess - Moss Boss of Green Wallscapes, Moss Walls, Moss Logos, Moss Lettering, Moss Art

Meet Lindsay!

Lindsay Scherr Burgess is the Founder and Moss Boss of Green Wallscapes, a company that brings spaces to life with no-hassle preserved moss, walls, logos, lettering and art. She has done projects in over 35 states and Canada in the last year and employs four female artists other than herself in her West Palm beach studio. They have done work for Starbucks, Stella Artois, AutoNation, Suffolk Construction South Florida headquarters,, office spaces, salons, yoga studios, as well as residences nationwide. Her company’s work has been called “a lavish expression of botanical joy” and has been featured in Architectural Digest, Veranda Magazine, Palm Beach Illustrated, Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach Daily News, and more. Green Wallscapes was selected to participate in the prestigious Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse this past January. She was recently inducted into the 2020 Top Women Awards for the Commonwealth Institute in the startup category.

Lindsay’s background is diverse, she has worked in organic produce, construction, commercial real estate, and book publishing in a sales and marketing role. She loves to travel, speaks fluent Italian, and can be found painting, doing yoga, and jet-skiing on the weekends. She graduated from Northwestern University, and lives in Grandview Heights with her entrepreneurial husband, Jon.  

Meet Amanda!

Amanda Smallcomb - Moss Artist and Green Wall Studio Manager

Amanda is the art director behind all things Green Wallscapes. She holds many important roles as a graphic designer, photographer, editor, brand manager, while overseeing the entire team’s projects and production status. Her favorite part of working at Green Wallscapes is getting a new project and creating a new aesthetic by blending different types of moss. Amanda has learned a lot about teamwork while understanding everyone’s unique personalities and problem solving together in order to stabilize the creative energy of the art studio. 

Background: Amanda was born and raised in Florida. She has a Bachelor's degree in Illustration from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where she was awarded Best Portfolio. 

Amanda’s Favorite Hobbies: Mountain biking, painting, snorkeling

What is your favorite type of project?

  • “New projects! Anything to challenge and go above and beyond while creating a new aesthetic.”


Meet Gina!

Gina Sabia - Moss Artist and Green Wall Specialist

Gina is the Production Analyst at Green Wallscapes. Her favorite part of the job is working with an amazing team and engaging with a constant flow of creativity in the art studio. Gina loves working on mixed moss projects and learning how to work with preserved moss across many dimensions. 

Background: Gina is originally from Delray Beach, Florida. Before working at Green Wallscapes, Gina took an entrepreneurial route while holding previous jobs in real estate, management, and analyzing company’s profits and losses. 

Gina’s Favorite Foods: Pizza and croissants

What drew you to moss art? “The moss chose me.”


Meet Jessica!

Jessica works as both the Production Lead and Social Media Administrator at Green Wallscapes. She loves working with an inspiring group of women and creating art with natural materials. At Green Wallscapes, Jessica has learned to think outside the box and facilitate teamwork with an amazing group of hard workers. Jessica’s favorite types of projects include the Botanica and Amazonia Collections because she gets to work with a wide range of materials. 

Background: Jessica is from West Palm Beach, Florida. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Resort and Hospitality Management. Before working at Green Wallscapes, she worked in Wedding Planning and Bridal Styling but decided she wanted to work in a hands-on environment and unleash her creativity.

Jessica’s Dream Destination: Traveling to Greece.

How has teamwork shaped your experience? “My team is so amazing because they’re so fun, helpful, and inspiring. We work together to create art and I couldn’t think of a better job for myself.”


Meet Sabrina!

Sabrina was drawn to moss art because she loves design and plants. At Green Wallscapes, she gets to work with her two favorite mediums! Sabrina works as Green Wallscapes’ Creative Director where she comes up with conceptual ideas, problem solves, influences design decisions, and manages company supply and shipping. She loves coming up with one of a kind designs for clients and combining her sculptural and conceptual skills to create beautiful moss art. Sabrina has learned a lot while working with the Green Wallscapes team and sharing input, overcoming challenges, and coming up with brand new ideas.

Background: Sabrina is from Jacksonville, Florida. She has an Associate in Art, a Bachelors in Fine Art with a focus on ceramic sculpture, and a Post-Baccalaureate in Ceramic Sculpture. 

Sabrina’s Favorite Hobbies: Anything outdoors! 

What is your favorite type of moss to work with? “I love working with pillow moss because it is naturally a sculptural medium and helps give our projects the depth and sculptural element I always crave.”