Botanica Framed Wall Art - Preserved Ferns and Moss
Preserved moss and fern art in a black frame
Front view of preserved moss and fern frame with record player underneath
Moss Art in a Home
Close up of preserved moss, maidenhair ferns, adiantum, eucalyptus, and tree ferns in a moss art piece

Botanica Framed Wall Art - Preserved Ferns and Moss

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Bring the beauty of nature indoors with a Botanica Framed Wall Art custom piece! Frame is 26" x 38" inches and comes in two color options. Made with preserved moss and ferns! No maintenance, and brings the organic look of living plant art into your space!

Each piece is completely customizable! When you purchase a piece, you have the opportunity to customize the size, colors, and types of ferns. Prices are tailored to the piece! 

We will work with you to either ship the individual pieces or come and install it onsite.

Please email: or call 561-877-3100 for inquiries!