350 Sq Ft Moss Wall in Polk County - Could it be a world record?

We installed this 350 square foot moss wall in Polk County at the Government Center. We joked that it could be considered as a Guinness Book of World's Records as the Largest Moss Wall installation in Polk County (and possibly Florida, although I'm not sure about that!)

It was a ton of work- 2 years of planning, 30 days of production, 2 days of installation after 6 months of construction days, 1 day of touch up work a couple of weeks later, 1 giant ladder and a scissor lift. These kinds of projects make us stronger, by pushing our limits. Large scale moss walls require an incredible amount of coordination and can make or break a space. Check out the installation photos below! 

Woman on Scissor Lift in front of a moss wall

Close up of Moss Wall at Polk County Government CenterGreen Wall at the Entry Wall of Polk County Government Center