5 Moss Art Designs for your Home

Why decorate with potted plants that need so much attention when you can decorate with preserved moss art in your home that will last years and requires no watering or special lighting. Moss art for your home is custom fabricated and designed to fit perfectly in your space and match your decor aesthetic. Below we are sharing 5 moss art designs for your home that are gorgeous statement pieces and add all of that beautiful green color you’ve been looking for to fill your space with.


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Frame your TV or media console with a gorgeous succulent and moss frame from our Amazonia Collection. A great substitution for a gallery wall is a framed moss piece. Loaded all with preserved moss, faux succulents, and other natural preserved material like ferns, branches, and mushrooms. This shape and design are custom and we can do the same thing for you to fit your space.


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The kitchen is the heart of the home and displaying a piece of floating moss art in the space where everyone is aways gathered is a perfect location. A little pop of green and this piece in our sage palette colors is an excellent combination with the granite countertops and clay colored tiles.


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Similar to the TV frame except this one is a moss window frame. We couldn't think of a better way to highlight your view than adding this beauty around it. An Amazonia piece in Blue Oasis that incorporates our colorful blue succulents. These frames can be designed in any of our styles; If you'd prefer a more simple palette of only mixed mosses, or a lush jungle of ferns with our Botanica Collection.


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If the options are overwhelming for you, you can never go wrong with a framed moss art piece. Typically smaller in scale but it truly is a perfect way to bring moss art into your home. Our moss art frames are all custom made and can be designed in a way that best matches your current home decor. From ombre mixed mosses like the photo above to bushy Botanica with all the extra foliage.


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A show stopping piece in your home is the definition of this geometric moss mural. Full coverage leading up the staircase and just minimal enough so that it works in any modern home. These shapes are designed using preserved sheet moss but we absolutely can add other mosses and even succulents if your looking for a more living wall vibe.


That's a wrap for 5 Moss Art Designs for your Home. As we like to say, the MOSSABILITIES are endless and we would love to create the perfect moss art piece for your home.