5 Moss Art Designs for your Office

Here at Green Wallscapes we create all types of moss are for both commercial and residential clients. For our commercial clients, our moss lettering and logos are always a huge hit. They are unique ways to display your businesses logo and enhance your work space by decorating with natural materials. Below we've picked out 5 of our most loved moss art designs for your office space that both your employees and clients will enjoy.


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Starting off with one of our favorite logos and clients we've worked with. Garden of Life clearly has a logo that's bursting with life and color and we were able to create this piece for them using all reindeer moss. Our preserved reindeer moss comes in a large variety of colors so that we are able to match your businesses branding almost perfectly. This style of moss logo is in our Chroma Collection that consists of all reindeer moss. A logo like this one is custom fabricated with a PVC backing in black and we can create this for you once we have your logo in vector format. 


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This logo is one of the largest we've ever done. It's perfect if your office space has big blank walls that are just itching for some moss art. This style is from our Origin Series Collection with chromatic accents. It's perfect for those business that have a unique logo design and want to show it off in a larger than life way. This is a great representation of all the shades of green moss we can utilize while also showing that pop of color in the feather details.

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This design is meant to be an abstract expression of ocean waves washing up to shore. Being a South Florida based company, we are always inspired by the beach and the ocean. This design consists of lots of blues and whites for a very serene palette. An excellent choice for an orthodontist, dentist, or other healthcare facility to give your patients a sense of calm. The lettering for this piece is floating above the moss on studs in a painted silver color. Lettering can be painted in several color options and can also be embedded in the moss as opposed to floating.


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For larger corporate offices and buildings, a large scale moss wall logo is the way to go. This is a neutral palette moss wall with a floating white logo. It fills the space perfectly and is a gorgeous piece to see right when you walk through the doors of the space. A perfect moss wall design for your corporate office headquarters lobby.


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Moss lettering is another great option for your office space. The lettering can be more subtle as opposed to a full moss wall design. It can be designed with all green mosses or pops of colorful reindeer moss like in this logo lettering above. All pieces are custom fabricated and we can design based off of your branding standards to make the perfect moss lettering for your office space.


Why decorate with moss art for your office?

Moss art brings botanical joy to any space. Employees and clients will be thrilled to see that you chose to decorate with natural materials and bring a little bit of green indoors. All designs are custom made to fit your companies brand and vision and we are happy to work with you to create something MOSSOME for your office space!