Dare To Be Different With Moss Wall Designs!


Bon Apetit Moss Wall Art

If you want to incorporate something a little different into your home or office, you may want to consider moss wall design. Moss has been used as a way to decorate homes for centuries and is considered one of the oldest wall coverings in existence.... although they've become increasingly more trendy in the last five years in the US. 

Amli Plantation Moss Wall in Leasing Office

Moss wall designs seem to be the new trend in interior design nowadays. Moss wall is an easy and inexpensive way to add a bit of natural element to your home or workspace. Moss walls can be used to cover an entire room or just a small portion of it.

Moss Lettering that says "Be Fearlessly Authentic"

Because of the design and coloring techniques used in creating moss wall designs, they are perceived to be a very positive addition to any house or business. Even in their natural settings, moss wall designs are considered as one of nature’s works of art.

Be authentic to your design style and consider a moss wall today!