Decorating with Moss and Succulents

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At Green Wallscapes we love to think outside the box and always strive to create something new and exciting. When a client had asked us to design a piece for her using preserved moss and faux succulents, we had never done it before but we were ready for the challenge. Since then, the Amazonia Collection was born. The Amazonia Collection is designed with a variety of preserved mixed mosses combined with our luxury faux succulents and a medley of preserved ferns. This style replicates the look of a living wall with the added succulents and foliage. 

The Amazonia Collection has three main design styles that include Classic Green, Blue Oasis, and Scarlet Bloom. All styles can be custom designed according to color and types of succulents.


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succulents and moss, succulent wall, moss wall, green wall, plant wall, succulents

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This design style using moss and succulents gives the appearance of a blooming garden on your wall. A fabulous floral display with no maintenance needed. These pieces range from wall-to-wall displays to smaller nature frames that fit in any space. If you’re looking to get a piece of moss art but want something with a little more pizazz and intricate details, a moss and succulent piece will be perfect for decorating your space.