Do Moss Walls Attract Bugs?

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Do moss walls attract bugs? This is a common question and we have the answers for you. 

Moss walls are made with moss that has undergone a preservation process of soaking, drying, and dying that keeps the color and texture integrity of the moss, however the moss is no longer living so there is no maintenance required. 

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The preserved moss is treated with bug repellent mint scented spray. This helps keep bugs away and gives the moss a subtle minty scent. If your moss wall is displayed in an open, interior space with good ventilation, bugs should not be a problem. 

The further avoid any bug activity in your moss wall here are some extra steps you can take:

1. Upon receiving your moss wall, unwrap the pieces as soon as possible to let the moss air out. The longer the moss is kept wrapped up, the more likely moths will be attracted to it.

2. Avoid placing potted plants near your moss wall. Plants in general can attract bugs so to avoid bugs from getting into your preserved moss wall, keep living plants at a distance.

3. Purchase a mint or cedar spray and spray it around your moss wall (not directly on the moss wall). Bugs do not like these smells so they will stay away. 


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Overall, when displayed in proper conditions your moss wall should not attract bugs. All plants are a natural material but with the right care and knowledge, the topic of bugs should not be an issue.