How do you install a moss wall?

Our YouTube channel has tons of fun install time-lapse videos! 

1) Prepare your space - make sure it is all cleaned and cleared so you can easily install the wall without the fear of dry wall dust or dirt. Lay down a plastic cover so that the floors are protected. Double confirm the measurements of the wall before you start screwing it into the wall.   

2) Layout your moss pieces. We like to start from either the top left or the top right. If you have edging on one side and not the other, start with that side. All the panels are numbered so you know where each one goes. 

3) Screw in the first piece and keep going until all the panels are screwed into the wall. If something is too big or too small, please 

4) Zhoosh the seams with your hands. If you can't get the seam to disappear, then add additional material to the area with a glue gun to cover the seam. 

5) Clean up and enjoy! There is no watering required!