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How Long Does Preserved Moss Last?

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 Preserved moss is an amazing material to make plant art with because it gives you the look of a lush living green wall without any of the ongoing maintenance of watering and lighting. To make preserved moss, you soak the living moss in a chemical mixture that locks in the natural colors and textures of the moss. After soaking, the moss is layed out to dry and can then be dyed if you’re wanting to enhance its natural color. However, when it comes to reindeer moss it can be dyed almost any color under the sun.

How long does it last?

Preserved moss can last for years and years if displayed in the proper conditions. For example, humid climates are excellent for preserved moss because the moisture in the air keeps the preserved moss lively looking and maintains its soft texture. Harsh lighting can cause the preserved moss to fade in color and dry out slightly over time. We guarantee our preserved moss art for one year but has been known to last five to ten years when displayed in proper conditions where it can easily thrive.

Best conditions for preserved moss?

The best conditions for preserved moss are in humid climates where there is more moisture in the air.

Display your preserved moss indoors so it is shielded from natural elements that can deteriorate it.

Avoid displaying your preserved moss in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will dry out the moss and fade its color over time.

Display your preserved moss in an area that’s not easily reachable so it won’t be touched regularly where it can get damaged.


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Overall, preserved moss is an excellent substitution for living walls or potted plants in your space because they are low maintenance and can thrive for years when in the proper setting and conditions.