How to Care for Preserved Moss

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Preserved moss is the perfect way to add green plant art into your space. Since the moss is preserved, it is no longer living so there is little maintenance required to keep it looking lush and alive. 

What are the best conditions for preserved moss art and walls?

Your preserved moss art or wall does not need any specialty lighting or watering to thrive. Designs made with preserved moss are made for interior applications only and should not be displayed in outdoor spaces. The best conditions for your moss art to be hung are in an indoor space that doesn’t receive direct sunlight. You can use lights to hang above your moss piece so your design can be seen properly but severe direct sunlight can cause the preserved moss to dry out and fade in color slightly over time. The preserved moss thrives the most in humid climates. If you are located in a drier climate, you can use a garment steamer to reinvigorate your moss if it appears to be drying out and in need of some hydration. 

Caring for your preserved moss

There is no watering necessary for your moss art. Since the moss is preserved it is no longer living, therefore, it does not need water to keep its appearance. Occasional dusting can be done as well with a blow dryer on low or no heat. Overall, the care for your moss art is extremely minimal, you can simply hang it up and enjoy.


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