How to Repair a Damaged Moss Wall | Moss Wall Kit

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Moss walls are spectacular displays of biophilic design and interior decoration. These green walls are made by hand by our local artist’s in South Florida. These pieces are custom fabricated and designed to fit your space. When displaying art that is made of natural materials, accidents can happen. Someone may brush up against the piece and knock some moss off, or if it’s within reach of children they may pull a piece of moss off due to curiosity. These accidents are all fixable with a simple moss wall repair kit. Today, we are going to go through the tools and materials you’ll need to do any minor repairs on your moss wall.

Upon receiving a moss wall from Green Wallscapes, we include a repair kit to assist with any minor repairs that may need to be done to your moss wall during and after installation.

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Helpful tools to have to make repairs:

-Extra moss (included in Green Wallscapes repair kit)

-Super glue or a mini glue gun depending on the size of the repair (included in Green Wallscapes repair kit)

-Scissors for trimming the moss if necessary

-Gloves to protect your hands from the glue and moss dye transfer

Once you have all necessary materials you can begin to repair your moss wall. 

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Tips for gluing moss:

-Cut off any excess dirt or moss on the bottom side of the moss. 

-Trim the piece of moss down to the size of the hole you are patching so that the bottom has a level surface and matches the height of the surrounding moss on the wall.

-Put glue on the wall, not on the moss.

-Once your glue is down on the surface of the moss wall in the area that needs repair, press your moss into the spot and hold down a few seconds so the glue has a chance to adhere and dry.

-Massage the moss as needed to blend into the area.

Like we said before, accidents can happen but they are usually all easily fixable with a simple moss wall repair kit. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about repairing your Green Wallscapes moss wall and we are happy to help!