Meet Lindsay Scherr Burgess - Interview with Canvas Rebel

Recently, the Moss Boss, Lindsay, was interviewed for an article with Canvas Rebel all about Green Wallscapes! Below is a little snippet from the interview but if you would like to read the whole article click the link HERE.



Green Wallscapes came about completely by accident. I saw a moss art piece on Pinterest that was manufactured in Europe and I wanted one. Five years ago, there were very few companies that did this work in the US, so we decided to make it ourselves. A few hundred dollars of craft supplies later, the first moss wall was created. After that, we shared a photo on social media and someone asked us to do it for them. Everything grew very slowly and organically. I opened an Etsy shop and shared our pieces on my personal social media. I did it very part time for over a year. In 2018, my other job finished, and my husband encouraged me to try the business for a few months and see if I could make it work. From there, I began to advertise more heavily with ads and on my social media outlets. Friends and family supported us at first, and eventually I was able to hire my neighbor to help part time. One of our first projects was some lettering for Southwest Airlines! After a few months, my husband told me we had to get the moss out of the house (it was EVERYWHERE), and we rented a 600 sq ft office in Downtown West Palm Beach, FL. We moved into a second and third location quickly thereafter and now are in 2,500 sq. ft.- sharing with my husband and his two businesses.

What I am not mentioning is that I spent almost 20 years building my network – 10 of it in South Florida – mostly in the architectural, interior design, and real estate development communities. It has been wonderful to be embraced by this community and to have worked with incredible people all over the US. We hired very talented designers and artisans, and began to expand the styles into not only moss, but preserved plants and faux succulents. We kept just answering requests in a timely manner and providing exceptional customer service. We now have a team of 11 people (mostly full time). We keep innovating and coming up with new designs. We kept the pressure incredibly low at the beginning, so it was easy to just enjoy the side hustle at first. The start up costs were minimal because we were just buying the quantities required on a project by project basis. At this level, there is a ton more complication (many of the walls we do are over 100 sq ft), but we started small and just kept trucking!


moss wall, moss logo, preserved moss wall

moss wall, green wall, plant wall, preserved moss

moss wall, preserved moss wall, green wall