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Moss Art for Dentist and Orthodontist Offices

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Bringing moss art into your office space is an amazing way to decorate with plants and unique, green art. Both your employees and clients will be wowed by such a spectacular display of custom art in your office. Dentist and orthodontist offices are the perfect locations for indoor moss art because it will bring a sense of calm to your patients who might be nervous visiting the doctor. Most people don’t love going to the doctor, but think how much more at ease everyone in the office would be with a super zen green wall to admire while sitting in the waiting room.

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moss art, moss logo, preserved moss logo, dentist office logo, colorful moss logo


Three benefits of bringing moss art into your dentist or orthodontist office

One: As we already mentioned, green walls bring an amazing sense of calm and zen into any space. Having a unique visual of green plants displayed on the wall will give your patients a happy distraction from the typical stress or anxiety that can be brought on from being at the doctors office. Greenery on walls provides the illusion of being outside in the fresh air and will help put your patients at ease while they wait for their appointment.

Two: Preserved moss art is low maintenance. Compared to the usual potted plants most people decorate with, preserved moss art requires little to no maintenance. You won’t have to worry about who watered the plants last or having sad, brown plants scattered around your office. Preserved moss are indoor plants that are low maintenance because there is no watering necessary and they don’t require any special lighting. The only thing to keep in mind is not displaying your moss art in an area that gets direct sunlight to avoid color fading and the moss drying out. Preserved moss is no longer living but it has gone through a preservation process to lock in its natural beauty and texture. You can simply hang your garden on the wall and enjoy it without any worry.

Three: It’s a unique logo for your brand. Why decorate your dentist or orthodontist office with a basic, simple logo when you can decorate with a vertical garden of preserved mosses. Wall art with green plants always catches the eye and brings a sense of nature into the space. Not to mention, it’s a fabulous photo opt for your patients. Imagine your patients having a selfie moment in front of your custom moss art logo after having a teeth cleaning and smiling with those pearly whites. It creates a fun experience for the patients and will make them more excited to book their next appointments with you. We’ll also add in how much of a great marketing opportunity it can bring. You can repost your patients photos with your moss logo and create a hashtag to share on your social media channels and spread the word about your business.

All in all, moss art is fun, calming, and brings the beauty of nature indoors. Add that perfect touch of green into your dentist or orthodontist office space with a custom designed moss art piece.

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