The Benefits of Greenness - A Study

In this important study "A Review of Health Benefits of Greenness" we discover the truly amazing benefits of being around nature. 

Here is a snippet from the study:

Across all cultures in the world, an inherent value is placed on
nature. For the Japanese, forest bathing, or Shinrin-yoku [1],
involves taking in the forest atmosphere to reduce stress.
Friluftsliv is a Scandinavian philosophy based on spiritual
connectedness with the landscape [2]. Even in large cities, real
estate values are highest in proximity to natural, green spaces
[3–5]. A growing body of empirical evidence has begun to
demonstrate links between exposure to nature, specifically
green vegetation, and an array of health outcomes. In this
review, we explore the mechanisms by which surrounding
greenness may affect health (Fig. 1), detail methods to mea-
sure greenness exposure, review and summarize the evidence
on exposure to greenness and various health outcomes
(Table 1), and suggest necessary next steps to advance re-
search in this field. This review is not meant to be comprehen-
sive, but results from a survey of recent public health litera-
ture. The details of each study we reviewed can be found in
Supplemental Table S1. 

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