Green Wallscapes Installs 350 SQ FT Moss Wall in Polk County, FL

Sunrise Moss and Plant Wall


Polk County, Florida - Green Wallscapes, a leading provider of no-hassle green wall solutions, has recently completed their largest moss wall installation to date, a stunning 350 sq. ft. moss wall in Polk County, Florida at the Northeast Government Center. The building opened May 6th. 

The moss wall, which spans an entire wall of a commercial building starting 9' off the ground, is a true masterpiece of sustainable design, featuring a vibrant and natural mix of pillow moss, reindeer moss, and flat moss. The wall serves as a beautiful and functional focal point, reducing noise pollution, and creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere.

"We are thrilled to have completed our largest moss wall installation to date," said Lindsay Scherr Burgess, Founder and Moss Boss of Green Wallscapes, based in West Palm Beach, FL. "This project represents a major milestone for our team and highlights our commitment to creating beautiful, no-hassle green wall solutions that improve well-being of people visiting an institutional space."

The installation has already received widespread praise from the community, with many remarking on its stunning natural beauty and its positive impact on the indoor environment. It does not require any watering, pruning, or special lighting, which was a perfect solution for that high off the ground.

Green Wallscapes is a pioneer in the preserved green wall industry, offering a wide range of innovative, low-maintenance green wall solutions to clients across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. With a team of expert designers, moss artists, and installers, the company is dedicated to creating beautiful and functional green walls that improve the indoor environments.

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Moss Wall at Polk County Government CenterPolk County Moss Wall Art