What Materials do you Use in Your Green Walls?

At Green Wallscapes, we work with all preserved and faux materials that look alive, but aren't. Preserved means that the moss was living and went through a process to put it into suspended animation. Moss walls are made of a variety of materials, including preserved moss, wood, metal, and natural materials. In some of our applications we work with lifelike succulents and orchids. The type of moss used can vary, but most moss walls are made with preserved moss that has been treated to maintain its color and texture. 

Each collection that we create is comprised of different materials. 

Amazonia Collection - This application is preserved moss, preserved ferns, and faux succulents. It's incredibly popular because the combination of the preserved and faux material makes everything seem alive! 

Moss and Succulent Green Wall

Botanica Collection - Preserved ferns and mosses combined in a soft, organic fashion. This can have a very woodsy, yet elegant vibe to it. 

Preserved Moss Art with Ferns and Mosses in a square shape

Origin Series - Mixed Mosses combined in a myriad of patterns and flows. Some are very structured (like the one below) other designs are much softer and more organic. We use mood moss, pillow moss (some call it bun moss) and reindeer moss to create incredible patterns and flows. Mixed mosses in a swirly pattern. Ombre Sunrise

Chroma Collection - Reindeer moss is the only moss we can get that comes in a myriad of colors! The photo below is an example of a lot of fun colors used together! 

Garden of Life Moss Wall Art - Color Moss Art

Folio - Sheet Moss can be used to bring in some green in a very clean way. Used mostly for lettering - this application is our least expensive, most minimalist option. 

good vibes cursive moss lettering