Yotel Miami Lounge Art - Green Wallscapes (Watch the Video!)

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In 2021 Green Wallscapes had the opportunity to design a fantastic piece for Yotel Miami. Literally dripping with every color imaginable. This unique design is located in the heart of Miami, Florida at Yotel Miami. Using all preserved reindeer mosses to make this colorful spectacle come to life. This statement piece is perfect for Yotel Miami and is a must see if you’re staying at the hotel or in the Downtown Miami area.

Decorating your hotel with plants can really bring the wow factor. Especially when you design with colorful moss art walls. For Yotel Miami, we designed a piece using all preserved reindeer moss. Preserved reindeer moss goes through a soaking and drying process to preserve its natural look and spongy texture. Because of its texture, the color can be easily manipulated and dyed to create all the fabulous colors you see in this piece. It is one-of-a-kind and creates a memorable scene for all the guests who visit Yotel Miami.

Watch as the wall is installed by our talented team!